What is the goal of stem cell therapy? Are stem cells approved by the FDA?

The goal of stem cell therapy is to replace or replenish damaged or diseased tissue. This process happens through the localized differentiation of stem cells, which advance the healing process and/or restore the tissue physically. Advances in medical science have evolved stem cell therapies to induce the expression of selective growth factors, cytokines, interleukins and other peptides to further aid in healthy rejuvenation, restoration, and reconstructive therapies.

The Mesenchymal Stem Cells at the Stem Cell Center DS are obtained from Human Umbilical Cord Blood or Amniotic Tissue from the United States. These stem cells are much younger and heartier than stem cells surgically harvested from a patient. Our stem cells are not afflicted with the same issues patients have with their current health or age, which enables the young, hearty stem cells to work better for the patient! Amazingly enough, research shows younger stem cells actually “RECRUIT” the patient’s existing stem cells and influence them to act younger.

In the past there has been some controversy and misunderstandings around the use of stem cells. We are in a new era of stem cells in the United States. Unfortunately, former misunderstandings have caused some people to be confused about the use of stem cells in general, as well as, the type of stem cells being used. At the Stem Cell Center DS, our stem cells come from FDA registered stem cell labs/banks. Our stem cells come from donated umbilical cords and amniotic tissues of healthy live births. Good tissue practice regulations, donor screening, and tissue testing practice regulations are used to process the stem cells. No babies are harmed in this process.

Stem cell therapy is a natural treatment. The FDA approves elements such as medical devices and drugs. With that being said, the FDA does have guidelines and regulations to which clinics and clinicians are required to abide by regarding the use of stem cells. Furthermore, the FDA has allowed tissue banks, such as the AATB and AABB, to help regulate stem cell treatments. Stem cell products are rigorously tested and screened under NIH, FDA, AATB and AABB guidelines. For more information, please contact us and we would love to further educate you with what therapies we offer here in Dripping Springs.