What is Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Therapy? How can you benefit from it?


Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy is the wave of the future of medicine. It provides a natural alternative to an array of standardized medical care, including surgery. Think of regenerative medicine as a way to restore the body’s natural capabilities needed to complete it’s daily functions. How can you benefit from regenerative medicine? Common areas for regenerative medicine restoration are joints. Many people suffer from joint degeneration, whether your discomfort stems from normal ware and tare (age), injuries, or an increase in weight. Stem cells have the capability to restore soft tissue in joint spaces, such as cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. If you have been told you need a joint replacement, but do not want to undergo surgery, regenerative medicine might be your answer. The goal of this type of therapy for joints is to rebuild and restore the soft tissue components needed to provide daily function of joints, and also to provide a cushion “i.e., the joint space” between the bones to alleviate bone on bone discomfort.

Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy

Let’s take a minute to talk about degeneration and regeneration. Degeneration is deterioration, physically or mentally. A solution to degeneration is regeneration. Regeneration is to build, grow, repair or create new tissue. Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy is a natural way for your body to benefit from a natural restoration process. Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies seek out degeneration and are effective in reducing inflammation. The cells are anti-inflammatory, and can contribute to reduction in inflammation upon administration. For more information, please contact us and we would love to further educate you on our clinic and the therapies we offer here in Dripping Springs.


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