Is stem cell therapy safe?

 The biggest question most potential patients face when considering stem cell therapy is “Is stem cell therapy safe?” This was true for Dr. Chae when he was contemplating the therapy. What helped remove any doubts for Dr. Chae was hearing stories of how stem cells had restored good friends, colleagues and even his chiropractic patients’ joints.

The entire team at the Stem Cell Center Dripping Springs has received stem cell therapy(s). Each and every one of us, including myself, would be happy to share our testimony with you anytime. We serve in a small community here in Dripping Springs and testimonies are important to us. We want our community to be healthy, happy and witness the great results stem cells can provide. If you or any of your loved ones are considering stem cell therapy and have questions about safety or efficacy, our website is a great place to get started! Our social media accounts also are an excellent source for testimonies from those who have received therapy locally.

Now let’s dig into the safety of stem cells even further. Our clinic works with, in our opinion, the best stem cell experts in the nation. They have documented over 35, 000 umbilical cord stem cell therapies with no major adverse reactions. Stem cell therapy is not only safe, it’s highly regulated. The cells each have a certificate of analysis, meaning every cell is documented from the time it leaves the hospital to the time it gets to the patient in Dripping Springs. We would love to further educate you on this process, on our clinic and the therapies we offer here in Dripping Springs.

Stem cell therapy is simple. It’s off the shelf. It does not require surgery. It’s administered here in Dripping Springs by licensed medical doctors and nurse practitioners. It does not require a significant amount of down time, and you don’t need anyone to drive you home after treatment!

We have a very unique team of experts here in Dripping Springs. Come see us, call us, or email us!

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