Why should you seek stem cell therapy for your chronic pain?

Chronic pain is no joke. No matter how old you are, you can experience it. At 38 I thought I would live a life with consistent pain, and only intermittent relief. I truly believe the Lord knew what he was doing when he placed me in Dripping Springs, with a brother locally who could help with my back. In 2013 we were blessed with a healthy pregnancy, but instead of focusing on the beauty within, my mind quickly reverted to being terrified of how the extra weight might impact the pain in my back. Last May I received umbilical cord blood stem cells for my lower back. I can’t even begin to tell you how this has changed my life, and the lives of those who surround me.

Why am I telling you this? I’m being transparent. It’s personal. I’m a believer. We’re here to serve. Pain matters. It is life altering, and stem cells have changed my life and will continue to change my life. Last month we spoke about testimonies, and this is one of mine. It’s not a sales tactic, it’s my personal story, and it is education for you on how stem cells have impacted me.

For many potential patients, chronic pain or other ailments lead them to research every option they can get their hands on. When they first learn about stem cell therapy, many of them, even though they desperately want to have hope, are skeptical of stem cell therapy or just overwhelmed by the amount of information they find. In many cases they will simply give up or decide on yet another surgery because they just aren’t convinced. Seeing is believing, and that saying is true for stem cell therapy too! We believe that seeing real results and success stories from patients is the best way to overcome the “analysis paralysis” that practitioners and patients find themselves in after drowning in research.

Success stories and patient testimonials are the best way to help our community understand the benefits of stem cell therapy. Join us on December 4th at 6pm at the Terrace Club for a special educational stem cell event and to hear more testimonies from our DS community!

Breca Tracy, PhD
Director of Science & Operations
800 Hwy 290 W, Building F, Suite 200
Dripping Springs, TX 78620