Amniotic Stem Cells

Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy at the Stem Cell Center

What Are Amniotic Stem Cells?

Amniotic fluid is highly concentrated in stem cells, proteins, cytokins and other important compounds, which are one some of the most fundamental cells in our bodies.  Studies have shown this fluid to be naturally regenerative and can reduce inflammation and scars.  Amniotic fluid is the fluid surrounding a fetus in pregnancy.  During most pregnancies, this fluid is thrown away after birth.  Now, however, consenting mothers of Cesarean section babies can donate this fluid because of it’s amazing regenerative process.  It is important to note, these cells come from the amniotic sac and are not part of the embryo.

What Benefits Can This Treatment Offer?

Amniotic stem cell therapy is a very safe and effective treatment.  There is no risk of rejection in the patient.  The fluid contains the growth factors that help to stimulate tissue growth, stem cell activity and naturally reduce inflammation.  It also contains hyaluronic acid, which acts as a lubricant and promotes cartilage growth.

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Stem Cell Testimonials

Amniotic Stem Cells at The Stem Cell Center Dripping Springs TX.

Amazing staff and amazing facility! They did a fantastic job from start to finish. Can’t wait for my shoulder to feel healthy again! Thank you guys so much for the great care! Way better than surgery.

– Jason W.

Amniotic Stem Cells at The Stem Cell Center Dripping Springs TX.

Starting a couple of years ago Steve had pain in his right knee and starting in his left knee. He decided to have shots and then a scope which did not go well as he had more pain in his knees than before the scope. He had been hearing about and reading about stem cell treatment for some time when he found out about Dripping Springs Stem Cell Center. Several of the doctors are family friends of mine and after hearing that they were offering stem cell treatment, he felt very comfortable heading down to Dripping Springs for relief for his knees. Everyone at the clinic is very knowledgeable and professional and in no time Steve had his shots and was on his way back to Oklahoma.

Before having the stem cell therapy he could not walk thru a store without discomfort. No stairs or inclines….up or down, not even sitting for extended periods of time. He is now coming up on his third month and the improvement has been steady up until this week and suddenly the progress has really accelerated. He can walk as far as he would like, stairs are much easier and his recovery from any overexertion becomes quicker each week. He am also back to working in the yard.

Steve and I would gladly recommend the Doctors at Dripping Springs Stem Cell clinic to anyone seeking relief for worn out knees.

– Jo Ann O.